A highly customized Drupal site that serves as an Internal Intranet Portal for the Clinicas Employees

Note: You cannot view this website because it is only available to internal Employees.

What I Did

Created Custom Responsive Drupal Theme

A Custom Drupal theme was created specifically for this website. It was created as a blank sub-theme with Zurb Foundation as its parent theme.

LDAP Integration for Employees to login with Windows/Active Directory credentials

Used the LDAP Module to integrate the Drupal site with the Active Directory Server. Employees login to the Drupal website with their Active Directory credentials and receive proper access with AD Groups mapped to Drupal Roles.

Custom Modules

Several custom modules were created for this website. The bulk of my module development has been on this website.

Digital Signature Pad

APIs Used: File, Database, Schema

Collected Digital Signatures using the signature_pad library, re-sized the generated image, and stored in Drupal's managed File System and in custom Database Tables.

File Transfer

APIs Used: Form, Database, Schema

Allow users to upload Large files and input a Recipient Email address. URL to the uploaded file is automatically emailed to the Recipient. This is to prevent users from attaching large files to Emails.

Incident Report

APIs Used: Entity

Site Building Tools: Node, Taxonomy, Views

Created Incident Report system to follow a complex and dynamic Workflow Routing.

Mileage Form

APIs Used: Form, Database, Schema

Created Mileage Reimbursement form that auto-calculates your reimbursement based on miles driven. Supports storing Users with approving budget limits in a custom Database Table. Also follows a Workflow by routing to Users' Managers

Peer Reviews

APIs Used: Form, Database, Schema

Created system for Doctors to review each others' performances. Allows for Directors to oversee. Follows Dynamic Workflow

Reusable API Modules

I created custom API Modules to use across these several modules since many of the features were re-usable.

Assigned to

APIs Used: Database, Schema

Used in custom Workflow Modules. Stores the module involved, unique ID, and user ID that the workflow is assigned to.

Digital Signature

APIs Used: Database, Schema

Used in custom Workflow Modules. Stores the module involved, unique ID, user ID, and additional signature information. Digital Signatures are used in each step of the custom Workflows (Note: this is different from the Signature Pad module mentioned above.)

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